Supplement Formulation Matter

The supplements marketplace and consumer expectations are changing. Introducing new supplements to the marketplace is complex without the proper science and formulations to support your product.

Improve Your Launch Success

Developing and commercializing a new supplement or dietary ingredient will be one of the most satisfying things a founder or company can do. However, it’s also extremely challenging. Most new projects do not succeed especially when the idea involves new dietary ingredients or combinations thereof. This is why Santé Laboratories is ready to reduce these risks and manage all the complexities of your project:

  • We will help you find the best solution.
  • We use innovative drug delivery technologies.
  • We will advance the development of your product to the market.
  • We have helped many brands with their formulas and can anticipate problems before they arise.
  • We identify and qualify a contract laboratory that meets local, state, and federal (when ready) requirements.

The Santé Solution

Product Development
We specialize in developing cost-effective quality products suitable for commercialization.
Every phase of product development has its standards and expectations.

We help clients with the following:

  • Expertise: With your vision in mind, our experts in drug delivery will create a project specific to your needs.
  • Speed: We know the ups and downs of manufacturing, which means not wasting time on dead-ends.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: We will match the right process and control methods no matter what your stage, allowing for cost-effective scalability.

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Stability Studies

Do you know how stable your product is?

We offer comprehensive stability testing services to design, execute, and manage a variety of comprehensive and flexible shelf-life programs.

  • Reliable Results: We provide real-time and accelerated aging studies.
  • Proper Shelf-Life Timelines: Build strong sales cycles with accurate shelf life timelines.
  • Longest Shelf-Life: Ensure best formulas and packaging are used to maximize time on shelf.

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Nonclinical Services

We are committed in providing flexible formulation and manufacturing services to fast track nonclinical product development.

  • Brand Distinction: Separate yourself from the pack with a superior tested product.
  • All Product Phase Support: We are experienced at all phases from formulation to commercialization.
  • Emerging Ingredients: We offer flexible formulations and manufacturing services designed for nonclinical product development.

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Work with an R&D partner with a pipeline of fast-to-market, innovative product development capabilities supported by sophisticated testing capabilities.

A well-defined process to quickly turn your idea into a market-ready product:

Step 1

Create a research plan.
Includes product development work plan, project timetable, and budget.

Step 2

Manufacture your product.
Turn your additive or final packaged product into a scalable, proprietary bulk finished product.

Step 3

Go to market.
Receive support with scientific expertise, documentation for regulators, data for marketing, and retail inquiry support.