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Environmentally conscious testing

The only hemp testing system built to stand up to FDA inspection and audits.

Sante Labs is committed to exceed quality expectations through innovation, technical excellence, integrity, and continuous improvement to deliver confidence in every lab results.
Sante Laboratories has a combined 35 years of experience in analytical chemistry, drug development, and pharmaceutical sciences. Sante is committed to serving the hemp and CBD industry safeguarding all end-users through premium, high-quality, and transparent testing.
Hemp is a complex
natural product
It consists of a multitude of chemicals that can cause analytical interference and produce inconsistent laboratory results.
Sante is experienced in sample preparation for a variety of raw materials and finished products.
Industrial hemp (pre/post-harvest)
Finished (dried) hemp flower
Encapsulated CBD emulsions Pet foods and treats
Tinctures (oil/ethanol based)
Infused beverages and foods
Powders (spray dried/lyophilized)
Cosmetics e.g. lotions, creams, serums, ointments (semi-solid preparations)
Solid dosage forms and liquid-gels
Vape cartridges