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Product Development

Santé will help you develop cost-effective, quality products suitable for commercialization.

We support the success of any product development program.

We know how hard this is and will be with you every step of the way.

We’re committed from the very beginning and through every phase of the project to achieve a quality product as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

Each project will begin with your team and ours defining a target product profile (TPP). Combined with your vision, our expertise in drug delivery, analytical chemistry, process controls, and specialty manufacturing will ensure that the final product is suitable for commercialization.

This blueprint summarizes the desired characteristics of the final product and will guide the development team at Santé Laboratories.

  • Our experienced team of scientists will begin pre-formulation and formulation development and characterization including the active ingredient.
  • Once formulation candidates have been carefully identified and suited, manufacturing processes, scale and control methods are adapted to your specific project and development stage.