Nonclinical Services

Consumers are becoming more savvy in their buying habits, but differentiating your product in a crowded and growing space is not easy.

Formulations to Commercialization

Recently, the pressure for companies in the dietary supplement industry to substantiate the performance of new dietary ingredients and supplements is rising at an unprecedented rate. Specifically, in the cannabinoid supplement market, brands and manufacturers are pursuing non-traditional ways to differentiate their products from one another, thereby increasing the desire to perform cell-based and animal studies to substantiate product performance claims. Santé Laboratories has experience in all phases of a dietary ingredient and supplement product development and analysis, from formulations to commercialization. Leveraging experience in drug delivery and subject matter expertise with emerging ingredients like cannabinoids, Santé Laboratories is committed to providing flexible formulation and manufacturing services to fast-track nonclinical product development.

Santé Laboratories can help you with the following nonclinical services:

  • Manufacturing GLP and GMP supplies to support nonclinical investigation of cannabinoid formulations
    • Performing exploratory animal studies to evaluate pharmacokinetics and biodistribution of cannabinoid formulations
    • Developing and qualifying bioanalytical methods for detection of cannabinoids to animal studies
  • Developing and performing cost-effective cell-based assays to support product performance claims
  • Evaluating cytotoxicity, uptake, and signaling of cannabinoid formulations using human and animal cell-lines