What You Need to Know about Soils Laboratories in Texas


Are you a farmer in Texas and want to know the best method of increasing production in your farm? The secret is ensuring to provide the right nutrients and environment for your plants. Soils laboratories provide you a good opportunity to understand the health of the soil and develop the best fertility management strategy. Here is all that you need to know about soil labs. 

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The Need for Soil Laboratories in Promoting Agriculture 

Some farmers hold the view that to increase production, all that is needed are the right seeds and a lot of fertilizer. However, this strategy does not always work. The truth about farming is that each plant has different nutritional requirements, and you should focus on providing them for high yields. 

Soil testing laboratories (soil testing kits) come in handy to help you determine the health of your soil. Then, you can use the data to determine the right fertilizers to use and other fertility management practices for higher production. Here are other reasons why you should start using soils laboratories. 

A Great Opportunity to Avoid Wastage 

If you fail testing soil pH or nutrients, and simply guess the type of fertilizer to use in your field, the chances are that the bulk of it will become waste.

For example, if you want to plant crops that require low acidity but use fertilizers that raise the soil pH, most of the nutrients will be lost because your crops will find it difficult to absorb them from the soil. 

However, testing soil pH and nutrients in a lab can help you to know the right fertilizer to use and in what quantities. This way, plants will take most of the nutrients to guarantee you of high production. 

A Sure Way to Reduce Environmental Pollution 

When you use excess fertilizer in the fields without testing soil pH or nutrients, the bulk of it simply leaches away while the rest might be swept into the water bodies, resulting in pollution.

Using Sante Laboratories to test your soil can help you to determine the exact amount that your plants’ needs.

This means that there will be no excess nutrients to be washed into the aquatic ecosystems. It is the best way to optimize production without affecting the environment negatively. 

A Reliable Method to Keep the Cost of Production Low 

One method of raising the profitability of your venture is keeping the costs low. Particularly, you should try to cut unnecessary costs without affecting the productivity of your farm.

By working with Sante Laboratories, your soil will be tested to determine its nutritional efficiency so that you can avoid buying fertilizers that your plants do not need. 

When the soils laboratories identify a field with contaminated content, such as heavy metal, you will be advised about the best strategies for growing safe produce.

For example, your soil testing lab might recommend that you use strategies such as growing crops in pots to reduce the risk of dangerous heavy metals getting into your final products, which could ultimately get banned or recalled from the market.

This helps to keep the cost of production low because you will not get stuck with a product that cannot be sold into the market. 

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The Main Tests Done in Soils Laboratories  

When you take your sample to Sante Laboratories, there are many types of tests that can be run to determine the health of your soil. Here are some of the common ones:

  • Fertility Tests: These tests are used to evaluate the quantities of different nutrients, such as nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium, that plants need to grow. 
  • Testing pH of soil: Testing pH of soil is very crucial because plants thrive in different conditions. For example, if you farm hemp, the recommended soil pH is 6.5-7.0. So, if the lab testing pH of soil establishes that the soil is too alkaline, you will be asked to start by increasing the acidity levels. 
  • Testing Soil for Heavy Metals: Heavy metals are some of the most dangerous components if they get into the human body, and FDA does not allow products that contain them in high quantities. Therefore, the testing organization that you select, Sante Laboratories, will do a number of heavy metal tests, including testing soil for lead, mercury, and arsenic.

A Brief Look at Sante Laboratories

Sante Laboratories is a contract development manufacturing organization in Austin, Texas, and was formed to help hemp farmers easily address the challenges of the industry.

Its management is made of an enthusiastic team that crafts workable solutions to assist farmers in the hemp niche to become successful. 

The laboratory is an ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited organization and uses some of the latest technologies in the industry when testing soil for lead, nutrients, or pH.

What makes them more impressive is their enthusiasm to help farmers, especially the new ones, to understand the hemp market and become successful. In line with this, they have developed a program to help farmers get their samples to their lab in Austin faster. 

The program is a partnership between Sante and Lone Star Overnight (LSO) to help farmers to send their soil and hemp samples to santé for free.

So, all that a farmer needs to do is prepare the sample to be tested and give to LSO. Then, LSO will deliver the sample to Sante lab in Austin for analysis.  

If you want to be successful as a hemp farmer, you need to make soil testing part of your fertility management strategy.

Furthermore, you need work with the best third-party testing lab, such as Sante to help you with testing soil for lead, pH, nutrients, and other parameters. With a great third-party lab, such as Sante Laboratories, on your side, you can only expect to grow and become successful.