Soil Testing Companies You can Rely on for success

Successful farm production commences with healthy and nutritious soils. The soil in your Farm is one of the most important assets because it provides crops with an invaluable reservoir of nutrients, water, and support. Soil Testing Companies are numerous but please check infos below.

While it is true that every type of soil comes with own properties, such as texture, which cannot be changed, as a farmer, you can improve its quality by diligently managing the pH and nutrient levels. One of the important factors of managing the quality of your soil is through soil testing.

This post digs deeper into soil testing and will help you to know how to pick the best soil analysis companies.  

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What is Soil Testing?

Soil testing is a complex system of physical, biological and chemical processes interactions, which must be well balanced to obtain optimum yields.

Soil testing refers to the analysis of different characteristics of a soil, such as organic matter and lime. It also involves checking specific soil fertility ingredients, such as nitrogen, phosphorous, ad potassium. 

The soil test company that you select will also help you to determine the pH of the soil because different plants thrive well in soils of varying acidity levels. For example, grasses, vegetables, and flowers perform best when grown in soils that are slightly acidic (pH of 6.0 to 6.5). However, other crops, such as gardenias and hemp, require soils with higher acidity levels (6.5-7.0). 

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Importance of Soil Testing 

When your soil lacks the right mineral nutrition, the cost of production shifts upwards and profitability comes down, but you can rectify the problem by conducting soil tests on time. Here are some of the main benefits associated with soil testing: 

Gathering Knowledge on Your Soil Condition and How to Improve it 

To grow healthy crops, you need fertile soils. In order to improve your Farm’s soil fertility, you need to determine the key properties of the soil.

Since you cannot see them with your naked eyes, you need to have it tested and use the information to determine the type and quantities of fertilizer that should be applied. For example, a hemp farmer might be advised to use fertilizer that can increase the acidity of the fields for better production. 

Soil Testing is the First Step in Fertility Management 

With a good soil fertility management strategy, a farmer is sure of optimizing the nutrients uptake by plants to help improve the productivity of his plants. Therefore, soil testing serves as the initial step in fertility management because you can use the information to improve the health of your soil. 

Minimizing Your Expenditure on Fertility 

One of the common mistakes that farmers make is simply using any fertilizer on their crops without determining what the plants need. Often, this results in huge losses because you are likely to buy the wrong fertilizer, ultimately increasing the cost of farming without necessarily raising production. 

If you select fertilizers that lower the ideal condition for your plants, there is a risk of pulling down the production levels.

For example, if you want to start planting hemp, fertilizers that pull down the soil acidity are likely to reduce productivity.

When you work with good soil testing companies, they will help you to farm with confidence and give you the assurance of high productivity without incurring unnecessary costs on fertilizers. 

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The Sure Way to Avoid Over-Fertilization 

If you apply fertilizer without understanding the fertility needs of the soil, there is a risk of over-fertilization. However, over-fertilization does not necessarily result in high productivity.

Indeed, if your soil contains very high levels of a specific nutrient or certain conditions are exceeded, your plants might end up getting destroyed. For example, if you add a fertilizer that adds a lot of acidity into the soil, the root cells’ ability to absorb the nutrients might be compromised.

Do not over-fertilize your farms

When you over-fertilize your farms, most of the fertilizer is likely to leach, making it an unnecessary cost. Furthermore, the excess nutrients are also likely to find their way into the surrounding aquatic ecosystems, resulting in water pollution. 

When you test your soil, it is easy to know its actual deficiencies so that only the right quantities of the right fertilizers are used. It is also a great way to keep the environment clean and green because there will be no excesses that can poison aquatic life.

The Sure Way to Avoid Soil Degradation

One of the major threats to farming today is soil degradation. Every year, it is estimated that approximately 24 billion tonnes of fertile soil is lost due to erosion caused by poor soil management. So, how can soil testing help? 

Proper soil management ensures that you apply the right fertilizer at the right time. In addition to reducing the risk of soil degradation, good fertility management also helps to cut the costs associated with growing crops for maximum yields in the field. 

When you get your soil tested by a good company, it will also assist you to understand that good management practices are indeed a lot easier and cheaper compared to soil restoration.

For example, if your soil gets degraded, restoration is difficult, expensive and might require years before it can be ready for farming again. During the restoration period, you are likely to be unable to farm, or the production capacity is likely to be far below the optimum levels.

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When Should You do Soil Testing? All about Soil Testing Companies

When your plants are growing in the field, they require different nutrients at different stages. Therefore, you should get samples of your soil and have them tested regularly to detect the changes in soil fertility and improve it for maximum yields.

Although it is recommended that you should test the soil every 4 to 5 years, it would be best if you can have it tested more often, especially when growing annual crops. 

Another important aspect to consider is the best time to take the soil test. For example, for most annual crops, the best time to test the soil is after the harvest, meaning that you will have ample time to plan for the field fertilization management.

However, people dealing with perennial crops should consider soil testing during the dormancy stage. 

In the end, how often you test the soil is indeed a personal decision depending on your fertility management practices.  We recommend that you work closely with experts in the selected soil testing companies to determine a good soil testing cycle for optimal productivity. 

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Where to Get Soil Tested?

Now that you know the advantages of having soil tested, the next question might be, “what are the best soil testing companies?” Soil is tested by accredited laboratories that have the expertise and technology to determine the actual content of individual soil samples. 

Although the facilities for testing your soil have continued to increase because of the growing demand, the best option is the one that is capable of running all the tests that you need.

For example, the laboratory should be able to run chemical, microbial, radiological, and agrochemical analysis. 

If you are a farmer in Texas and have been wondering, “What are some of the soil testing companies near me,” one of the best companies is Sante Laboratories. This is an ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited organization that can handle all types of lab analysis that you might have.  In addition to testing soil, Sante also does analysis for product analysis. 

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How to Select the Best Soil Testing Companies near Me?

Are you a farmer and wondering where to get your soil tested? One of the things that you need to appreciate is that although there are many laboratories out there, it is advisable to only work with the best. So, here are some useful tips to help you identify the right laboratory. 

The Best Company Should Have  a Simplified Method of Collecting Samples 

To get your soil analyzed, you are required to pick samples and take them to your selected laboratory. However, the entire cycle of collecting samples, testing them and relaying results to farmers is usually complex and lengthy. So, look for a company that has a simplified method of picking samples and testing.

For example, check for a company that allows you to send the samples without having to physically travel to their laboratories. 

Look for a Company that Completes the Testing Fast 

When most farmers send their samples for testing, they anticipate using the results for decision making. So, you should look for the company that can complete the testing fast and gives you the results immediately. To know if the company can relay the results fast, consider reading its operation policy and even confirm with their support. 

Uses the Latest Technology 

The process of soil analysis is complex and can only be done effectively when the selected company has the right technology.

Sante Laboratories has stood out from its peers because it uses the latest technologies to run its analysis. Some of these technologies and instruments include gas chromatography and mass spectrometer that guarantee fast and accurate results. 

In addition to the latest technology, Sante Labs work with the most qualified scientists in the testing industry. Besides having the right academic qualifications, they also have a lot of experience on soil management and you can count on them for better production.

Licensed to Operate in Your Area 

When looking for the best labs to help you, it is advisable to search for “the best legit soil testing companies near me?”

Every state in the US has its own regulations that companies, including those that offer soil testing have to meet before being allowed to offer their services. 

We recommend using a legit company because it is an indication that it is bound by the terms and condition of the license. If you are a farmer in Texas, Sante Laboratories is one of the legit companies and has made a name for its excellent work. They have experts in soil testing and were the first to test an official hemp sample for the Texas Department of Agriculture. 


Most farmers, whether farming hemp or other crops, are in business and anticipate getting high returns from their investment.

One method of optimizing profits is cutting the cost of operations.

To help keep your cost of operations as low as possible, Sante Laboratories has partnered with Lone Star Overnight (LSO) to provide free shipping for samples to all its clients in Texas. This means that once you have taken the soil sample to be tested, all you need to pay is the testing fee. 

Commitment to See  Farmers Succeed 

Notably, some of the soil testing companies in your area might be focused on the need to optimize profits as opposed to delivering quality results. Such companies are not driven by the desire to see the famers become successful, and you should avoid them.

Instead, you should look for the company that goes out of its way to help farmers understand their niches and draw the best soil management programs for success. To know that a company is committed to delivering value, here are the things to check: 

  1. Follow the company’s mission on its website to establish if it is customer-driven. 
  2. Check the feedback from the previous clients to establish if they were satisfied with the results they got from the company. 

Sante Laboratories: Your Best Soil Testing Company 

When farmers think of where to get soil tested, they are not just interested in the breakdown of different constituents. Rather, they want to establish the best strategies that they can use to optimize the production of high-quality farm produce, and this is why Sante Laboratories stands out from the pack. 

The organization is focused on making the process of soil testing easy, fast, reliable, and cheap. When you reach out to Sante Lab, they not only test your samples but will also be there to help you understand the best fertility management methods for higher productivity.

After seeing the challenges that farmers, especially hemp farmers, face trying to optimize their production, Sante entered into a monumental agreement with Lone Star Overnight (LSO) to provide free shipping for samples from any place in Texas. 

Unlike some shipping agencies that are marred with huge delays before getting samples to labs for testing, farmers can now get a sigh of relief because LSO is providing a break in the shipping fee and delivering samples within 15 days.

Sante is also creating more drop-off boxes and is in the process of providing Mylar bags to ensure that all your soil samples will remain fresh and moisture content does not get lost. The bags will also help to prevent impurities getting into the sample during shipping. 

In addition to helping move your samples fast, the collaboration between Sante Laboratories and LSO is also aimed at providing farmers with the information they need to grow from one level to another. So, whether you are new in farming hemp or other crops, Sante will be a great lever to push you to success. 

When you get into farming, the secret to success is ensuring your crops get all the nutrients they need for fast growth. So, make sure to identify the right soil testing companies that you can rely on to determine the fertility of your fields.

Sante laboratories came out as a professional soil testing company driven by the sole agenda of helping farmers become successful. With experts on your side, your farming venture can only move forward!