Hemp Testing: The Gateway to Success in the Hemp Farming Industry



Are you new to hemp farming and want to grow your venture rapidly? The industry is one of the most promising today, but its growth has been incurring major challenges because the market is still “relatively new.” We call it new because it is only recently, in 2018, when the Farm Bill Amendments made it free for all. 

So, farmers who have entered into the market need to be smart to be successful in the industry. Particularly, you need to ensure that hemp testing is part and parcel of your system by using the right third-party testing laboratory. In this post, we will take a closer look at hemp testing to determine why it is the link that you need to become successful in the niche. 

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A Brief Look at the Hemp Industry  

For years, hemp was a controlled substance in the United States, and most people associated it with its psychoactive characteristics. However, this viewpoint changed as technology made it possible to separate the different cannabinoids, meaning that the psychoactive component, which is referred to as Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), could be separated and removed. 

The ability to separate these cannabinoids also meant that people could finally take advantage of the many health benefits of hemp products.

While this is a milestone worth celebrating because it opened the hemp market, you still need to ensure that what you produce is of the highest quality possible. This is why you need to ensure your products are duly tested. 

What You Need to Think about when Getting into Hemp Farming

Although the hemp industry is just like others, where raw materials are produced at the farm and processed into final products, it is important to think about the following things: 

The Quality of the Soil that You Use to Produce Hemp Plants

If you want to produce quality hemp for the market, start by ensuring that you have the right soil nutrients. The focus is ensuring that your fields have the right fertility to help your plants to grow fast. So, make sure to get the soil tested to establish the nature of fertility enhancements that you should use. 

The Industry Needs

As the demand for hemp products in the market continues to soar, you need to understand what the market needs. From the hemp processors to the customers at the end of the supply chain, the focus is one; getting high-quality hemp and hemp products. To know the needs of the industry, make sure to work with experts in the niche, such as laboratory testing firms, that have a lot of experience in the industry. 

The Industry Regulations 

Although the industry is relatively new, you need to appreciate the different policies that guide the hemp products. Notably, people in the industry are quick to highlight the Farm Bill Amendments of 2018 that cap THC levels at 0.3% but they fail to cite that your products are also subject to different Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requirements.

According to FDA, the hemp products sold in the market should not have harmful content, such as heavy metals and bio-contaminants. 

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Why Hemp Testing is at the Heart of Success in Hemp Industry?

Looking at the entire hemp supply chain, you will notice the underlying emphasis on quality. This is why you should bring onboard a good hemp testing firm to ensure that your product is of high quality. Here are other reasons why you should work with one of the top testing firms:

The Lab Helps You to Understand the Hemp Industry Well 

As we have mentioned, a hemp farmer can only be sure of success in the niche by understanding what is required. With the right laboratory testing firm, you are sure of learning more about the basics to help you stand out. For example, with high-quality hemp, a farmer is confident of getting a ready market.

The Lab Advices You on the Best Way to Increase Production 

As the demand for hemp products in the market increase, one of the best methods of optimizing profits is improving your production. With a good third party laboratory, you will be advised on the best methods of optimizing profitability. Whether you farm hemp out in the open or in a greenhouse, the experts in lab tests will tell you the right nutrients to provide your plants. 

You Get Your Products Tested to Meet the Market Demand 

Today, everyone, from the hemp product manufacturers to consumers, is highly focused on quality. Therefore, you should focus only on producing the right quality hemp products, and a good hemp lab can help you to test the products.

Remember that even when you have followed the best practices in hemp production, manufacturers still want you to prove that the raw hemp is of high-quality. A third-party laboratory will test your hemp to confirm to the market that indeed, you have the best.  

A Good Lab Testing Firm Walks with You in the Entire Journey 

One fact about the hemp market is that it can be challenging, especially if you are new in the industry. However, a good laboratory for testing your hemp can be a partner you can rely on to grow and become successful. Before planting, the laboratory can help you to test the soil, advise you on product optimization, and finally test your product before getting into the market. See – it is a partner who will walk with you all along!

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How Does Hemp Testing Work?

The process of testing your soil or hemp is pretty straightforward and can be broken into three main stages:

Stage One: You Identify What You Want to Be Tested 

The process of testing your products must originate from you. This means that you need to decide that actually, you need to get the product tested.

For most hemp farms, the focus is testing the components of their cannabis before sending it to manufactures for further processing. 

Note that top laboratories, such as Sante Labs, do not just test your hemp products, but can also test your soil and other merchandise that you might need to ascertain their quality. 

Step Two: Get a Sample and Take it to Your Selected Laboratory

Once you decide to get your product tested, the next step is to get an appropriate sample and send it to a third party laboratory. If you have a large field of hemp plants, consider dividing it into sections and having each of them tested. Remember to secure the sample well so that it gets to the testing labs without getting impurities on the way.

Step Three: The Laboratory Tests Your Selected Parameters 

When farmers take their samples for testing, most of them want to use the reports in making decisions about their ventures, and laboratory managements appreciate this.

Therefore, your selected third party lab will test your samples fast and give reports so that you can use them to make good decisions. Remember to specify the parameters that you want checked, such as heavy metals, cannabinoid profile, and bio-contaminants. 

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Identifying a Good Hemp Testing Laboratory 

If you select a good hemp testing lab, it will be like a catapult to fire your venture to success. So, what exactly should you look for to identify a good testing lab? Here are some tips to help you identify the laboratory that will help you to become successful: 

Should Have Highly Qualified Staff 

One thing that you need to appreciate about hemp testing is that it is a very complex process, and it requires deep scientific understanding to run it correctly. This is why you should carefully interrogate the selected laboratory’s staff, and only contract it if it has qualified and experienced scientists. 

Uses Advanced Technologies to Run the Tests

To be able to test the samples that you take to a third-party laboratory, it should have the latest analysis technologies.

With qualified staff and advanced technology, you are assured of getting the accurate results of the cannabinoids or bio-contaminants in your samples. Some great technologies used in testing cannabis and other samples in third party laboratories include High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) and gas chromatography. 

Ability to Work Fast 

When farmers are taking their samples for testing in third-party labs, they want to use the reports to enhance their production or attach prices to their products.

For example, soil tests can help you to determine the type of nutrients to add to the soil for better hemp production.

Therefore, you should only go for the laboratories that are able to test your samples fast and relay results immediately to help you make the right decisions. To know this, you might want to check at the feedback from previous clients and establish whether they were satisfied with how fast the results came through. 

Have a Simplified Working System 

In addition to being fast, the laboratory you select should also have a simplified ordering system for clients. For example, Sante Laboratories has partnered with Lone Star Overnight (LSO) to offer free shipping of samples for farmers from anywhere in the State of Texas to their laboratory in Austin. See, you only need to pack your sample and send to Sante Lab without having to travel to Austin.  

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Commitment to Helping Hemp Farmers become Successful

How well do you understand hemp farming? If you are new, you might be wondering about the best way to produce high-quality hemp or what the market needs. However, all that you need is a good hemp laboratory to get the required assistance. So, look for the testing laboratory with a management that is committed to helping farmers get the info they need to become successful. 

At Sante Laboratories, the management is committed to seeing your venture becoming successful and can help you with all the information that you need.

For example, if you want to know the recommended levels of soil fertility, or how to determine that your hemp is ready for harvest, the lab can help you.  Finally, they will test your hemp so that you can sell it with confidence that it is the best. 


When it comes to testing products, you must look for a third-party laboratory that is transparent and committed to delivering the right results. To achieve this, the laboratory you select should be independent and have no affiliation to any party in the supply chain.

This means that no matter the nature of the report, even if it shows that your hemp sample contains lead or bio-contaminants, that is what you will be given to you. 

If you get false results, perhaps indicating that your hemp is free from bio-contaminants, whereas it is indeed contaminated, there is a risk of your product getting rejected or recalled. Furthermore, false reporting could ultimately get you into conflict with the law for producing harmful produce and deny you the opportunity to look at the best practices to remedy issues.

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Sante Laboratories: You Best Partner in Hemp Farming 

Sante Laboratories have become an icon in the hemp industry because of their commitment to helping farmers to become successful. They achieve this through different programs that are aimed at making farmers understand hemp farming and deliver the best products to the market.

Furthermore, they have been looking at the challenges that hemp farmers face and crafting the best solutions. One such program is the partnership with Lone Star Overnight (LSO) to help provide free shipping of samples from entire Texas. 

The partnership is a timely solution for people who are looking forward to addressing the challenges, especially with their focus on getting the highest quality.

With the rising number of hemp farmers, which is expected to go up and reach about 12,000 in the next two years, testing is expected to become even more important, and Sante Laboratories is here to ensure you get the best results. 

To get your hemp farm sample tested, you need to put them in Mylar bags and LSO will pick them up from more than 900 zip codes and deliver to Sante Labs in Austin. Sante Labs management has also indicated that it will create more drop-off boxes in Texas, making it easy for every hemp farmer to get his/her samples, be they for soil or cannabis, to get tested promptly. 

As an ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited organization, Sante Labs organization pride itself for being the first to test an official sample for the Texas Department of Agriculture. Therefore, you can count on them to not only understand the market but also become a better hemp farmer. 

To become successful as a hemp farmer, it is important to ensure you understand the industry well and, more importantly, focus on delivering the highest-quality products to the market. This will not only help to make your production easy, but your hemp will also stand out. To achieve this, ensure to work with the best hemp testing lab, and Sante Laboratories organization is one of the best.