Santé Laboratories’ New Method Development for Seven Kratom Alkaloid Panel Featured in Nutrition Insight

Santé Laboratories’ leading method development team announces another stride forward in setting the stage for continued research for emerging ingredients. Introducing the first full-spectrum kratom alkaloid panel as featured in Nutrition Insight with commentary from Disruption Labs’ Chief Technology Officer, Mike Sandoval. Kratom is currently only tested for two alkaloids by labs in the US, but Santé Labs has developed and validated a new analytical method to accurately and precisely test for seven alkaloids. The creation of this panel is critical as kratom continues to become popular but limited research doesn’t allow an in-depth understanding of what the plant and its components can do. 

Santé Labs’ seven alkaloid panel offers sophisticated characterization which is undoubtedly the first step in pivotal research to be done on the true potential of kratom in the food, supplement, and pharmaceutical spaces. In addition, it allows for label transparency and dosing safety as more alkaloids are identified in chromatography and the effects of kratom are further understood. 

Santé Laboratories pairs their full alkaloid panel with critical contaminant testing for heavy metals, residual solvents and microbiological contaminants that are especially plaguing the industry to help safeguard the kratom supply chain and end-users.

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