Santé Laboratories and Bioarc announce strategic partnership to accelerate product development in Australia.

Elevating the cannabinoid industry with Powered by Santé® technology, we’ve partnered with leading medicinal cannabis horticultural company Bioarc Ltd. to commercialize cannabinoid pharmaceutical products for the global market. Aligned with the potential of cannabinoid therapeutics and equipped with solutions to move the industry forward;

Best seeds + best technology = efficacious IP-protected cannabinoid formulations.

Chairman & Co-Founder of Santé Laboratories, Andrew Garnock comments, “Santé is committed to addressing formulation challenges that the entire industry has struggled to overcome, using our proprietary drug delivery technology. We are a drug delivery technology company, with the ultimate delivery system, and ready to partner, with strategics, to get products on the shelf.”

Bioarc Founder & Executive Chairman, Michael Boyd adds, “Bioarc has the breeding technology to develop unique and very specific cultivars with consistent and identifiable traits – giving us precise pharmaceutical and agronomic profiles… Santé has the fit-for-purpose formulation technology to enable us to develop and test unique IP-protected cultivars. This agreement brings our industry to the cusp of tremendous growth.”

Read more about the strategic partnership here.