Santé Laboratories fills hard-to-absorb ingredient gaps from a drug delivery perspective.

Looking at cannabinoids from a drug delivery lens has enabled Santé Laboratories to understand, characterize and account for how they are absorbed by the body. As President Mike Sandoval told NutraIngredients-USA Deputy Editor Hank Schultz in this article, Santé value proposition is based on a proprietary delivery system technology which renders cannabinoids such as CBD, CBG and CBN water based and thus more bioavailable.

“When we classify cannabinoids from a drug delivery perspective we see they don’t absorb in the body very well.  And cannabinoids are not very stable alone,”​ Sandoval commented. Santé’s technology is a nanoencapsulation liposomal approach that uses pharmaceutical grade phosphatidylcholine and plant sterols as encapsulating agents.  The technology improves uptake and shelf life.

The article explains that Santé launched RESET Bioscience to gain experience in the marketplace with real consumers. “We did not want to develop a product; we wanted to develop a platform,” said Sandoval. RESET is the world’s first uniquely water-based, THC-free* cannabinoid ingestible drops proven to work faster, taste better and designed for better bioavailability.

Explained RESET Vice President of Business Development Ashley Ferguson, “I am able to bring so much retail data back to the team.  In the CBD category, there is no brand that owns more than 3% of the market share, and I believe it is because no brand is really satisfying customers.  The benefit of having RESET is that we can bring so much insight into what did or didn’t work,” ​she said.

RESET Bioscience’s products, which are produced according to the pharmaceutical industry’s best-practice standards, are fast emerging as a category leader in open markets around the world including the U.S., United Kingdom and Hong Kong. The company’s influencer program is also taking off quickly, with consumer testimonials pouring in praising the brand. Most recently, Men’s Health magazine dubbed RESET’s Restore CBN as “the fastest acting” in its annual CBD awards.

Sandoval has previously commented, “Our RESET Bioscience line, powered by Santé, is an example of what’s possible and what can be done in your company’s retail ready line-up. Meanwhile, we’re also testing price points, gathering great consumer insights and evaluating what’s working in multiple countries. We’re providing brand help based on what we’ve learned from being out there, doing it ourselves.”

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