Santé Laboratories March 2021 Client Spotlight: Alamo Botanicals

At Santé Laboratories, we value the close collaboration that our teams have with our clients, and we’re putting the March 2021 Client Spotlight on Alamo Botanicals (

Family-owned Alamo Botanicals was born from a passion in the hearts of Nancy and David Burrow when both of the owners were working on their education. At the time David had been prescribed medication for his ADHD, which unfortunately resulted in a number of negative side effects. Ultimately, he ended up hating how the medication made him feel and started looking into alternatives for potential relief. 

He personally found results with cannabis products, allowing him to be free of the negative side effects associated with the prescription and find relief for himself. From there, the couple’s passion for CBD products flourished, sparking David’s innovative mind to run wild. Their goal: to bring David’s story to other people and provide guidance and helpful products to those seeking alternatives to their own struggles. 

Retail Ready

They knew what they wanted to do, however, there was no clear roadmap for how to get started. The industry had a white space that Nancy and David wanted to fill. The desire for exclusive hemp and CBD retail stores that prioritize the consumer experience had gone unanswered until October 3rd, 2017 when the first Alamo Botanicals retail location was established in San Antonio, Texas. Nancy and David wanted to create a place where consumers could visit a physical retail location for guidance and feel comfortable sampling products, which is a big part they felt was missing from e-commerce experiences for those new to CBD products.

“I think the approach of them coming in and confiding in you and us lending a listening ear, then finding a product that’s suited for them specifically is what makes us stand apart,” said David. 

While experienced veterans of cannabinoid products may confidently head to Alamo’s e-commerce website, their intimate retail environment may be best for those who aren’t sure what products will work for them. With caring owners and a passionate team, David may be the person to help you pick your next favorite product. 

In addition, Alamo works with doctors in San Antonio, some of whom even send their patients to see the Burrow’s to seek out the right products. Alamo’s lab team, Adrian and Josh, assure they’re ahead of the curve in this ever-expanding market, so the store is always carrying the most up-to-date products. Beyond the stores, Adrian and Josh are expanding Alamo’s footprint by manufacturing products for other brands offering white label and private label opportunities. While there are many things that David loves about his job, he loves dreaming up their next bestseller and bringing a smile to their customers’ faces when they find out about all the options that they have. 

Products That Bring Pride

While they sell third-party products, Alamo Botanicals have been manufacturing their own products since day one. Their pride and joy? Icy Hemp, a product in the Alamo Botanicals’ topical line. A combination of methanol, wintergreen, peppermint, lavender, and rosemary along with CBD, the high-quality formulation is a fan favorite. Regulars flock to stores both in-person and online to get their refills of Icy Hemp. 

Beyond just topicals, Alamo Botanicals also offers ingestibles. In 2020, Alamo Botanicals acquired their hemp growing license and have been growing hemp ever since. Customers should expect to see their homegrown flower hitting shelves soon. 

And right now, to best support their customers, Alamo is offering free shipping of all their products due to current global circumstances. 

The future looks bright for Nancy and David as they focus on expanding throughout Texas via wholesaling their products and franchising more stores to continue their favorite part of their jobs — helping people find the high-quality products they need. 

“It’s extremely humbling when you’re able to help somebody who’s going through a tough time. I can’t tell you how many times a day we hear ‘my neighbor told me’ or ‘my friend’ or ‘my physician’ and to us, there’s no better compliment or marketing than when somebody says somebody told me to come here, and they always take care of me. That’s what it’s all about,” Nancy explained. 

Why Does Alamo Botanicals Work With Santé Laboratories?

Adrian in the manufacturing department of Alamo came into the hemp industry from the pharmaceutical industry, and he has always had high standards for Alamo products. With our array of testing services, including heavy metals and contaminant screening, Adrian felt that Santé Laboratories was the perfect place for Alamo Botanicals to test. Because of Santé Laboratories’  dedication to pharmaceutical standards, Santé has been the retailer and manufacturer’s go-to to ensure that their products are up to regulatory standards. In fact, when Alamo begins testing their new hemp flower, in-house grown, they plan to expand their testing beyond just finished product compliance testing. 

Brands are required by the Texas Department of Health and Human Services (DSHS) to test with Texas-specific panels for THC, cannabinoids, heavy metals, pesticides, residual solvents, and microbials. 

A part of the Go Texan program, Alamo Botanicals values working with other Texas-owned and operated companies, and working with Santé Labs not only fulfills that criteria but also ensures that their results come back accurately! Adrian cites his favorite part of working with Santé Laboratories as being able to stop by or send a quick email and know that he will be met with friendly faces and a close-knit company just like Alamo Botanicals. 

“We’re Texans, and it’s nice to have a Texan company down the road almost. I come from the pharmaceutical industry, so quality and testing is just something I’m really familiar with, and I could just tell the standards and the mode of operations that Santé had was just something I knew that I wanted,” said Adrian, Head of Manufacturing at Alamo Botanicals.

Santé Laboratories’ Accredited CBD Testing Methods

As a CRO, we are experts in more than just analytical testing, providing method validation, research and development, and manufacturing services. However, a lot of companies look to Santé for high-quality, validated analytics. Santé Laboratories offers DSHS compliant cannabinoids, heavy metals, pesticides, residual solvents, and microbial screens, all of which are provided by our ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited analytical laboratory. Beyond just being an accredited laboratory, all of Santé Laboratories’ methods are validated and accredited on our scope of accreditation. That means you can rest assured your results are accurate every time. 

Santé offers full-panel testing for our customers with state-by-state compliance, depending on where you are selling. Customizable packages provide special discounts for your needs, allowing you to pick and choose every time you work with Santé. Located in Austin, TX, Santé Laboratories is happy to work with brands and farmers in Texas to ensure that their products and crops are compliant with local and federal regulations. 

Contact us for more information about how we can build a custom compliance package for you, and you could be our next client spotlight.