‘Powered by Santé’ Technology Featured in NutritionInsight

Liposomal technology helps CBD brands overcome big hurdles

Santé Laboratories have developed proprietary lipid encapsulation technology that makes hydrophobic and hard-to-absorb molecules more stable, more easily blended with water, and far more absorbable by the human body.

In this Nutrition Insight interview, President Mike Sandoval explained, “Functional ingredients like cannabinoids are hydrophobic and do not absorb very well when orally ingested. Therefore, in order to overcome these inherent physicochemical properties without the use of conventional oil formulations that are recycled and saturate the market, manufacturers and brands must rely on a formulation technology to deliver cannabinoids like CBD more effectively and responsibly to their customers.”

He elaborated that liposomes mimic the way cells work in the human body, using a lipid bilayer to protect cannabinoids from degrading in the digestive process. This leads to more rapid and complete absorption.

However, Sandoval also cautioned readers that not all liposomes are created equal. “In fact, there are several manufacturers claiming their product to be liposomal or ‘nano.’ However no scientifically valid data sets are available to substantiate these claims.”

Santé Laboratories’ lipid nanoparticle delivery system has several advantages:

  • It entraps lipid and water-soluble molecules
  • It makes lipid-soluble molecules, compounds, or drugs soluble in the digestive system
  • It is customizable
  • It improves oral absorption

The article also describes how Santé Laboratories protects against potentially toxic additives, and why CBD formulated by Santé resulted in faster and more efficient absorption compared to conventional CBD in oil.

Santé Laboratories’ proprietary method of producing nanoliposomes creates multilayered particles, which allows for a continuous and/or time-dependent release of the encapsulated nutrients. Contact us to learn more.