Santé Laboratories February 2021 Client Spotlight: Tejas Hemp

Announcing Tejas Hemp

At Santé Laboratories, we value the close collaboration that our teams have with our clients, and this month we’re putting the February 2021 Client Spotlight on Tejas Hemp. ( 

A lot of trial and error preceded the creation of Tejas Hemp from the mind of owner, Aaron Owens. The eureka moment came after a friend experienced dramatic relief, after five days of using 25 mg of Tejas Hemp’s full spectrum hemp oil twice a day. For the next year and a half, Aaron provided unbranded hemp products while searching for more ways to help others and figuring out whom they should be working with to bring these products to people beyond their friends and family. By spring 2017, Owens realized that he’d need a brand, and Tejas Hemp was formed. 

Providing legal, organic CBD to the rural communities of West Texas, Aaron has been working hard since late 2015 to discover the most efficacious solutions possible. Since farming hemp has been legalized in Texas in 2020, Tejas is now excited to utilize their Texas-grown hemp straight from the farm in Dripping Springs.  Since its inception, Aaron Owens, Owner of Tejas Hemp, has partnered with EVG Extracts, one of Colorado’s extraction pioneers, to bring his organic formulas to an evolving market.  Now, Tejas is also eagerly working with Bayou City Hemp Company in Houston to bring Tejas’ newly developed CBDV to the hemp and medical space.

Hemp Farming For The Future

Tejas Hemp currently offers branded, uniquely terpene-rich products of their own — available for retail and resale. Beyond branded products, they offer bulk extracts, as well as supply chain management for wholesale/retail brands, medical professionals, and researchers alike. 

One of their most notable achievements as of lately is that Tejas Hemp has added gummy manufacturing equipment to their growing repertoire. They rang in 2021 by being awarded Certified Organic Status as well as BRC certification, enabling their extracts and products eligible to be cGMP worldwide!

Currently working with high CBD, CBG, and CBN formulas, they continue to add new innovation, new products, and new genetics to their repertoire.  Most excitingly, Aaron says Tejas Hemp has successfully produced a high CBDV genetic this year that achieved 11% CBDV.

The next few years are looking exciting for Tejas. In 2020, they produced two acres of this rare CBDV Sativa genetic, that achieved 11% CBDV, as well as a 1+% Beta-Caryophyllene and a 7:1 Limonene:Myrcene terpene ratio.  With that, they plan on finding and creating the most beneficial cannabinoid and terpene combinations to bring to the cannabinoid market. Beyond cannabinoid products, Owens plans to create a pathway to industrial hemp production through his Tri-Crop approach with the intent of benefitting Texas Farmers through diversifying their production with multiple monetization opportunities, giving Texas and Tejas Hemp a potentially even more diverse footprint in the hemp market both nationally and globally. 

In the next few years, he’s looking forward to discovering effective technologies and implementing processing infrastructure to support Texas Agriculture and Hemp production. Owens is a prime example of the innovative clients that Santé Laboratories values working with most: people who have a passion for what they do and what they believe in.

To learn more about Tejas Hemp and shop their products visit:

Why Does Tejas Hemp Work with Santé Laboratories? 

“From day one, Santé Labs stood out to me as an undoubtable force in the testing space of the Hemp industry: the most technically capable in the state of Texas, and beyond for that matter.” 

– Aaron Owens, Tejas Hemp

Santé Labs stood out to Aaron Owens as an “undoubtable force” in the testing space of the industry. Citing the team at Santé Laboratories as the most technically capable he had seen yet, Tejas feels the analytics provided by the Santé team has helped them immensely.  Tejas was most recently able to map the cannabinoid and terpene development within their new CBDV genetics through a regular testing schedule over the 2020 growing season. Tejas Hemp’s perfect panel includes all minor cannabinoids, as well as the full terpene panel.  By establishing this analytical blueprint, Tejas is able to monitor their plants’ growth for seasons to come. Targeting harvest time for things beyond compliance, like cannabinoid and terpene peaks that most benefit better finished products from the crop at hand.

Not only does this help guide them from seed through to harvest, but this analytical blueprint also helps to identify properties within the genetics in the individual plants they’d like to recreate later. Owens’ favorite part of working with Santé is “the combination of customer service and ease”. No matter the time of day, Santé’s team is always within reach and ready to offer different perspectives and teach each other something new. 

How Can Santé Laboratories Help Farmers like Tejas Hemp?

Santé Laboratories is an Austin-based CRO, making waves in the bio-hemp industry from farm to pharmaceuticals. We offer an array of testing services, including multi-state compliance packages for farmers during the hemp grow cycle or final tests before selling. Beyond potency for cannabinoids, including THC, Santé provides heavy metal, pesticide, and microbiological contaminant screening for hemp farmers. We provide legally defensible, accurate data, helping ensure that your crop works for you.

Hemp farming in Texas will expand rapidly; beyond potential CBD markets and into additional industries such as building materials.  In order to be compliant, hemp materials must be tested by a TDA Registered Laboratory, like Santé Labs, for final compliance.

Beyond hemp farming, we help brands like Tejas Hemp expand.  Brands need Texas DSHS-compliant heavy metal, pesticide, residual solvent, and microbial screens, all of which are provided by our ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited analytical laboratory. As a CRO, we are experts in more than just analytical testing, providing method validation, research and development, and manufacturing services. 

Contact us for more information about how we can build a custom compliance package for you, and you could be our next client spotlight.