From farm to pharma, testing throughout the CBD supply chain is essential.

If we are to legitimize the CBD industry and maximize its revenue potential, we must invest in the technology and time to validate the entire supply chain.

This starts with hemp farmers. Validated test results demonstrating the cannabinoid concentrations in your raw materials will help you get the most bang for your buck. Once the product is extracted, it could have lower CBD levels or higher THC levels than anticipated. If your product isn’t validated by accurate testing before it gets to this point, you could lose your customers’ trust and their business. If you hope to one day sell your raw materials to a pharmaceutical company, you could miss out on very lucrative opportunities.

Santé Laboratories also offers standardized drying for farmers who are unable to do it on their own. Our method avoids drying too quickly, which can break down the cannabinoids and skew test results.

Manufacturers: Did you know that heavy metals, pesticides, and other contaminants can become concentrated during the extraction process? You could end up with a product that’s useless and unsafe to ingest or use. It’s smart to only work with validated raw materials and to use a lab such as Santé Laboratories that can customize its assays based in part on the materials found to be present in the raw material. We also take the extraction method into consideration, since that process is essential to product quality.

Retailers require Certificates of Authenticity (CofAs) for dietary supplements. As the CBD industry matures, it’s highly likely that they will also require CofAs for CBD products. Many co-manufacturers and some retailers are doing their own testing to ensure the products going on store shelves are compliant. But without careful testing, mistakes slip through. Retailers can (and should) mandate that specific labs be used to promote a safe, traceable supply chain for the CBD industry.

Santé Laboratories has invested in the best-possible technology as well as the time for our analysts to validate our methods and ensure they are all ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited. We use the best testing methods to provide the best test results with the lowest levels of uncertainty, for everyone from farm to pharma.

Trust, transparency and verification. They all need to be in place for the CBD industry to grow beyond its largely recreational beginnings and into the nutraceutical/pharmaceutical formulation space where validated ingredients and finished products have tremendous potential.