Could you be selling ineffective or even dangerous hand sanitizers?

The brief loosening of FDA regulatory oversight due to intense demand in the hand sanitizer marketplace has opened the market to anyone wanting to get into the lucrative hand sanitizer space, even the unscrupulous. At best, many products are ineffective. As Santé Laboratories President and COO Mike Sandoval told Forbes reporter Eric Mack, some may even contain carcinogenic substances.

Santé Laboratories jumped at the opportunity to help protect consumers. We’ve been flooded with testing these products because we’re equipped with advanced analytical instrumentation and subject matter capacity. 

“We see tert-butyl impurities, we see methanol, we see benzene in many of the hand sanitizers we test … We’ve seen some tequila-grade ethanol that when you open the bottle it smells terrible, unless you like tequila … we’re seeing a lack of transparency in this space,” Sandoval said during the interview.

When the pandemic hit, traditional hand sanitizer manufacturers with unparalleled track records could not keep up with the skyrocketing demand. The Forbes article explains that some ineffective or tainted hand sanitizers are slipping through the supply chain as “sketchy suppliers” step in to fill the vacuum for this suddenly high-demand product.

Sandoval told Forbes that some manufacturers are not doing the appropriate testing of their raw materials. You’re supposed to test (according to Food and Drug Administration rules) the purity of that ingredient before you formulate it, and that’s just not happening.”

Santé Laboratories is committed to providing continuity and transparency in the contract lab service industry. We’ve observed enormous market entry of nontraditional companies offering hand sanitizers for mass consumer and B2B use.

Businesses, their employees and customers should be able to trust what they purchase or provide to create ‘work-safe’ environments. But this trust can easily be destroyed by vendors sourcing unsafe hand sanitizers.

If you are concerned about the purity and efficacy of your hand sanitizer ingredients, contact us to discuss having us provide accurate and transparent testing that exceeds Food and Drug Administration standards.

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